Bucketts Walk

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The Bucketts Scenic Walk begins about 1km west of Gloucester just off the Bucketts Road.

The walk tales about 1.5 hours to complete, giving good views of the Gloucester township and surrounding area.

The ascent is hard, but well worth the effort. Ferns and Orchids can be seen during the climb, as well as Wedgetailed Eagles.

It is possible to continue the walk beyond the end of the official walk, however, extreme care should be taken as there are some steep drops and loose material underfoot.

Wildlife in the area includes the Wallaroo, Red-necked Wallaby, Burtons Lizard and Peregrine Falcons.

A good 30km drive can be had by continuing along the Bucketts Road. Continue along the road and then turn right onto Faulkland Road, just after crossing the Gloucester River.

The Gloucester River is crossed a further two times before Faulkland House is reached. Here turn right and cross the river once more, before turning right onto the road leading back to Barrington and Gloucester.


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